David’s Parachute Jump and Bacon Buttie Adventure

David Wait has completed his second monster challenge as he looks at raising £10,000 for Disability Peterborough!

“When Bryan recommended a parachute jump to take the number of challenges to 8, as I don’t like odd numbers, I thought it was a great idea.

“The closer the jump got, the more daunted I was by the challenge as I prefer physical challenges that I can control. The first attempt at doing the jump was cancelled due to high winds, which just prolonged the agony of the wait!

“The weather was kind to us on Saturday 11th August, we registered to do the jump at 08.30am, which involved a fair bit of waiting around to do the jump at around 1pm. I was surprisingly quite calm until the door (well roller shutter) opened, then when some of the solo jumpers started throwing themselves out of the plane it became a bit real. I literally commented ‘I’m not sure I can do’ this as we shuffled towards the door; every part of me was saying ‘this is not natural’ and I should not be doing it.

“I clearly remember thinking ‘if I grab hold of something nobody will be able to move me!’ I then thought ‘I’ve committed to doing 8 challenges for Disability Peterborough and can’t fail on the 2nd one!’

“I obviously closed my eyes on the way out and stupidly opened them as I was upside down and saw the bottom of the plane! The free fall was the best part of the jump, reaching speeds of up to 150mph!

“Oh yes – I also had 2 bacon butties and loads of coffee while waiting which I think Bryan was hoping to see again!

“I thankfully had a good landing and had an adrenaline high for around 3 days afterwards, feeling ready for challenge number 3!”

So, what’s next on his list?

5th July 2018 – The National 3 Peaks Challenge
19th August 2018 – Parachute Jump
25th August 2018 – 100km South Coast Challenge
1st October 2018 – Climb Island Peak (that’s 21,000ft in the Himalaya’s!)
1st December 2018 – Half Marathon De Sables (120km across the hills and mountains of Peru)
5th January 2019 – Fan Dance (48km trek over Pen-Y-Fan – it’s normally 24km but he’s doing it twice!)
3rd February 2019 – North Downs Pilgrim Challenge (66 miles)
5th April 2019 – Full Marathon De Sables (250km across the Sahara)

To be honest, we’re tired from just reading that list. What a challenge!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated, if you would like to support and congratulate David. You can make a one-off donation, a donation per challenge, or a donation for a specific challenge by following this link.

At the time of publishing, David has raised an amazing £3,117 of his £10,000 goal!

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