Do Disabled People Fear Being Active?

New research suggests that almost half of disabled people fear losing their benefits if they are seen to be physically active.

The news emerged in a report entitled ‘The Activity Trap: Disabled people’s fear of being active’, commissioned by the Dwarf Sports Association UK and released by Activity Alliance.

“Disabled people count for one in five of Britain’s population, almost 14 million people, but they are currently the least active group in society. This means that they are missing out on the positive social, economic and health outcomes of being active, as identified by the Government’s Sporting Future strategy…”

To read the entire news article, and see the full report, please click here.

This new report found that:

  • Being active is important to disabled people
  • Disability benefits are crucial in enabling disabled people to be active
  • However, the fear of losing benefits is preventing people from bring more active, this is often driven by perceptions of government agencies as well as personal experience
  • Benefits application is a stressful experience and so many are hesitant to revisit if their benefit eligibility is questioned
  • Many faced difficulties in securing financial support they needed initially
  • There is confusion as to what restrictions, if any, apply to how benefits can be spent

Through our recent series of focus groups we have listened to what local disabled people have told us and we have found the same lived experience. Disability Peterborough is the only local agency to offer a holistic service so if you or someone you care for is concerned about their benefits and/or would like to be more active please do make an appointment to see one of our Independent Specialist Advisors.

Please call 01733 265551, Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm or email for more information.

You can also help us greatly by completing our survey online. Please share your thoughts at (and share this link on your social media feeds).

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