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Bethan Endicott - Inspire Athelete

Bethan Endicott


Bethan Endicott

Date of Birth: 

9th August 2005

Bethan’s Sport:


Bethan’s Disability:

Disability- ADHD, and she has Dyspraxia- Developmental coordination disorder.

Bethan’s Bio:

Bethan is a very talented 12-year-old girl with aspirations to match the size of her determination. She’s a talented swimmer that lives with ADHD and has developmental coordination disorder (Dyspraxia), however, she’s not letting it slow her down in her quest for swimming glory, quite literally.

The young girl has often struggled to focus, or to listen, sometimes struggling in the taking in of information. However, she’s still been able to nurture her talent, working hard to become the very best swimmer she can. But she isn’t stopping there.

She has been swimming since soon after she could walk. Although her love for swimming has always been at the surface her conditions were only diagnosed one-year-and-a-half ago. Bethan and her family are still getting to grips with everything, and finding what works best for her, but they believe they are on the right track. They also believe they now have the coaches that know and understand her, knowing what to tell her, and when to correct her.

Bethan is currently studying in Stanground. Away from swimming she loves Science, and loves cooking. Anything that involves a lot of ‘doing’ she blossoms at, a key ADHD characteristic. Despite knowing the importance of her studies, it’s clear her and her family know that her talent could exceed anything taught in a classroom.

Bethan has always taken to the waters with a smile on her face. It was a lifeskill her family wanted to teach her, knowing the importance of teaching her to swim. However, little did they know she’d rarely leave the water soon after. Her parents learned to swim at a young age, and a firm love of theirs was certainly passed down to their daughter. She’d swim as a young girl with her Mother, and learned to swim at a very young age. At the age of four she ditched the baby aids and was swimming for herself. Her love and talent for swimming was truly realised on a family holiday aged four in which she was able to consolidate her skills alongside her parents.

Bethan started to swim at Virgin Active Swim School aged 5-6, and they soon noticed that she was really good at swimming. At aged 6 she did a Gala and swam excellently. At 7 she was swimming regularly and getting good county times, passing them with ease, but she would often fail to listen to her coaches [not realising her conditions were holding her back].

In recent years she has been swimming in St. Ives and she has flown through the waters since then, with constant progression something that pleases not only her, but her coaches and family. No longer the little fish in the big pond she has found her feet as the big fish in the little pond. Since then she has won club championships and seen her confidence dramatically improve.

Aged ten she got her first regional time. Her family were so impressed.

Her biggest swimming achievement to date is definitely her becoming a regional gold medalist in the 50m fly. She was aged 11, which ranked her as the number one in Britain for age on day, but because they rule it by age at the end of the year she ranked 7th. Still, a massive achievement, and something that leads her metres ahead of the rest at a younger age.

Although the importance of her studies are important her family are adamant that she should treat her swimming with equal importance. This is another reason that Bethan has become an Inspire Athlete. Her family wanted her to receive the local and national recognition, for people to understand her barriers and her talent.

Elsewhere during her love for swimming she has been scouted by Plymouth college, she’s headed to the Eastern Region talent camp at the end of the year, as well as many other activities that keep her in the pool on a regular basis.

Although she’s flying high with her many achievements her family are cautious about not getting her to peak too soon, known she’s got growth to go through and the many changes that can be expected with a teenager. None the less with her talent it’s clear her family know that she can harness every bit of it and lead a future they’ve always visioned together.

Next up for Bethan is the start of the new season, and regional qualification. She’s capable of it, as shown already. She only missed the nationals by one place this year. She was 45th, she was only 11 and the age group was 12-13, so this year she should go to nationals, that’s the experience she’s striving for. Her family have changed their Disney holiday’s date because of her expected progression. Before that she will be going to the winter regionals for the 50-fly.

This busy young lady has the world at her feet, but of course the Olympics are her ultimate dream. Before that she would like to swim for Great Britain in the big pools. Her family, despite backing this aim, want her to also appreciate the possibilities of the Commonwealth games, European Championships and the many other honours that will be within her reach.

With so much achieved at such a young age we’re excited to see what she can achieve. For now, it’s about continuing to improve as a swimmer, as a student, and to grow into the talented woman swimmer she’s always shown the promise to be.

She’s one of our youngest athletes, and the world will soon see how talented she is and just what she’s overcome.

Maybe, just maybe, this Inspire Peterborough athlete will be hitting the waters in the 2024 Paris Olympics. We’re excited and we’ll be keeping a close eye on her progression whatever may be.

What’s Next in 2018?

Bethan had a great 2017. She started at Hampton College and continued her amazing progression with her swimming. Not only did she qualify for the winter regional championships in 50 fly as one of the youngest swimmers and gained great results putting her third in the British rankings for her age category. On top of that she has broken the 50 butterfly county record 3 times this year and working hard to reach that sub 30. After various training camps and competitions she has continued to grow both as a person, and a swimmer, and she is most definitely one to watch in Peterborough when it comes to sport. After taking Christmas off she is raring to go for a busy 2018.

What more can this young lady achieve? We’re excited to follow her journey.

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