Emma Hall

Emma Hall


Emma Hall

Date of Birth:

November 9th, 2006.

Emma’s Sport:

Figure Skating

Emma’s Disability:

Emma is autistic, with dyspraxia and associated learning difficulties. She also suffers from severe visual stress, affecting her everyday vision.

Emma’s Bio:

Emma is from Great Hale, near Sleaford. She attends Donington Cowley (endowed) Primary School.

Due to her older sister’s involvement in skating, Emma grew up around the rink. She first tried skating just a few weeks after her second birthday, but did not start to have lessons until July 2014. Her sensory issues limited the amount of skating she could do for some time, as she found it hard to concentrate on her skating when there was a lot of background noise, or when the rink was busy. As she became more able through her lessons, her confidence around people improved.

A real turning point was when Emma joined Inspire’s Inclusive Skating project, in February 2016. It was here that she heard about the Inclusive Skating 2016 competition in Glasgow, and her determination to take part in this saw her learn a routine to music in just 2 lessons. Her first performance of this routine was at Inspire’s Inclusive Skating Sport Relief event in March, where she exuded confidence and enjoyment.

Emma competed in the 2016 Inclusive Skating competition and placed first in both Compulsory Elements and Free Skating categories. Congratulations, Emma!

Emma in gold medal position on the podium for her level 1 elements and free.

Emma in gold medal position on the podium for her level 1 elements and free.

Emma is a member of Golden Blades Figure Skating Club in Peterborough, and had her first “Spin, Jump, Spiral” competition in March, in which she placed second in her group.

Towards the end of 2016 Emma took part in an Inclusive Skating competition in Iceland, where she competed at level 3 and once again earned first place in both free skating and compulsory elements!

Emma is looking forward to progressing further in 2017, with her sights set already on the competition in Glasgow in April.

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