Ewan Cann

Ewan Cann


Ewan Javier Cann

Date of Birth:

28th June 2000

Ewan’s Sport:

Roller Hockey for Peterborough, Eastern Counties & England

Ewan’s Disability:

Autistic Spectrum (Asperger’s syndrome)

Ewan’s Bio:

Peterborough born Ewan Cann has achieved every young man’s dream of being picked to play for his city team, county and has now been selected to represent his country in the U17’s Roller Hockey European championships in 2016.

In February 2010 at the age of 9 Ewan came home from school and asked if he could try Roller-skating at Bushfields Sports Centre, this was a a surprise as he had never been on a pair of roller skates. One Friday evening he went along to the Peterborough Roller Hockey club and they helped him find and put on a pair of quad skates, one of the helpers had to hold him around the rink as he could barely stand.

With Ewan’s condition this was a big achievement for him as all the other children were of normal ability. Ewan continued to go every Friday until he was able to skate. Then one day the next session arrived and all the children wore protective shin guards, kneepads, gloves and they all had sticks so Ewan stayed to watch…he was hooked.

Ewan thrived not only with his skating but also with the other children and having to play in front of a crowd. Ewan’s skating improved so much over the next few months that he was a regular in the squad in the starting line up and quickly becoming the captain’s right hand man and even being captain on occasions.

Ewan was then invited by the National Roller Hockey coach to attend training sessions for future England selection, Ewan was now training twice a week and his efforts were paying off. He attended trials for the Eastern Counties and has been selected every year since. The next step was an invite to travel to Portugal in June 2014 which involved 5 days intense training and evening games playing local teams, the reason for this trip was because the Portuguese are classed as the best in the world and this trip would improve all aspects of Ewan’s game and without these trips you are not even considered for the England final squad. Ewan also went to Portugal in December 2014 and April 2015.

Ewan has two chances for the under 17s squad and this year he made it into the last 15 out of a group of approx. 50 boys and sadly was not in the final 8 that are attending this years championships. Ewan has not been deterred by this setback and has even increased his training in preparation for next year’s selections and if all goes well he is very confident he will be in next year’s final squad.

Ewan over the years has won many awards for his efforts and achievements within the sport ranging from most improved player to best under 13’s & under 15’s and this year won the clubs highest award off Coaches player of the year. He is now the Captain of his team and has been approached by 3 other teams within the county to play for them.

Ewan’s programme for the coming months club and county aside is a 5 day trip to Portugal in December and another at Easter 2016, in May 2016 the final team will be announced and if successful will involve a further 2 more trips to Portugal and then the championships in either Spain or Italy.

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