Matt Coleman



Matt Coleman

Matt’s Sport:

  • Sledge Hockey for Team GB
  • Sledge Hockey for Peterborough Phantoms
  • Wheelchair Basketball

Matt’s Disability:

Matt has Sacral Agenesis which is Congenital Disorder which there is abnormal fetal development of the lower spine.

Matt’s Bio:

Matt started sledge hockey in August 2011. “I absolutely loved it from the moment I hit the ice, I was really proud to be selected as part of the GB development squad, with the aim to be part of the full GB squad within the next few years.” However, this quickly changed and he was selected as part of the senior GB squad to represent at the IPC World Cup in 2011 only a few months later. Matt has since represented his country at a number of international competitions, recently winning bronze in Japan as part of the qualification towards the Winter Paralympics in 2014. The qualification to the Winter Paralympics was unsuccessful, but the team came very close, so the main aim is to be there in 4 years time! Matt is proud to represent his club Peterborough Phantoms at the Tour Series Wheelchair Relay hosted by Inspire Peterborough and PFMind, as both a squad member and the chairperson, with the aim to increase the participation and awareness of sledge hockey in the country!

Picture shows the logo of Irwin Mitchell, sponsors of the Phantoms Sledge Hockey team

Irwin Mitchell Logo

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