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Inclusive Fitness Center Funding

If you’ve been following us closely, you will have seen our Amilly Fitness announcement recently.  We’ve worked with Oak Activities and Mobility Aids Centre to create our very own inclusive health and well-being center.

Amilly Fitness gives us the opportunity to provide an all-inclusive fitness facility for those who don’t feel supported in their local centers. Here, we can organise seated exercise classes, conditioning classes and classes to improve balance, strength and movement.

We hope to offer a place where adults come to improve their fitness and wellbeing in the right facilities without feeling self-conscious. In the development of our latest project, we have submitted to the Aviva Community Fund. This will help us to support 300 people with disabilities as well as their family members, carer’s and friends. It means these individuals feel less isolated while improving their health and fitness through becoming more active.

Individuals with disabilities have to overcome many barriers in everyday life and when it comes to being active, many centers have limited equipment and little apparatus available. This is the reason we built Amilly Fitness.

We are now looking for financial support to help us provide specialist gym equipment and fitness classes. We hope to fund a Buddy Co-coordinator to help improve access to the center and a Gym Instructor to safe cover of all the gym and exercise sessions at Amilly Fitness.

With previous funding from Sport England’s Inclusive Fund we have successfully delivered a range of programmes helping over 2,000 people in becoming more active where they would not have otherwise been able to. Please help us continue to provide fantastic support to individuals, friends and families with disability. All it requires is a vote from you!

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