Inspire Peterborough teams up with Oak Activities!

Inspire and Oak Activities

 Inspire Peterborough teams up with Oak Activities to deliver the most inclusive, accessible and affordable sport and leisure programme ever seen in the city

And that’s no empty promise says Inspire Peterborough Programme Manager Nikki Griffiths. “Back in 2014 we received funding from Sport England to deliver “Inclusive Sport” in Peterborough for people with disabilities, long term health conditions, their family members and carers. Thankfully we delivered what we were contracted to do and much more besides and Sport England has just extended our contract.”

It also means that Inspire Peterborough can expand its range of services. Not everyone is interested or able to participate in sport but most people would welcome the opportunity to get a little fitter, socialise and make new friends. Nikki’s colleague, Disability Forum Manager Bryan Tyler, placed a post on Facebook recently asking if there were any Care Homes or Day Service Centres with clients who could benefit from gentle exercise classes. To say Inspire Peterborough was inundated with enquiries would be an understatement.

From the minute the post hit Facebook they had Carers, family members, Care Homes and Day Centres asking to sign up for classes either for themselves or a family member or client. Two weeks on from Bryans post, 30 venues have signed up for classes with a lengthy list in reserve. Only one problem! Qualified Instructors, Nikki didn’t have enough! But they did have Bryan’s trusty Black Book of contacts and at the top of the Instructors page was Tom Milner from Oak Activities. Inspire Peterborough have worked with Tom on various projects over the past year and knew he was a fantastic instructor who delivered a vast repertoire of “Inclusive and Accessible” classes for disabled people of all ages and abilities. From Armchair Aerobics to Wheelchair Rugby, Oak Activities deliver a multitude of healthy living programmes with a heavy emphasis on having fun and making new friends. What wasn’t to like!

Tom picks up the story. “Nikki contacted me to say “Help!” they had all these people, clubs, care centres and organisations that wanted exercise classes but not enough qualified instructors to deliver them. I met with Nikki and Bryan and it was obvious from the outset, it was a match made in heaven. Inspire Peterborough is a hugely respected local project with a wealth of knowledge and unique understanding of their clients’ needs, Oak Activities compliments that by offering a whole range of sport, leisure and fun activities for people of any ability and age. Most importantly, we all believe the client comes first.”
Not only will Tom and his colleagues from Oak Activities be managing and delivering the Outreach Exercise Programme on behalf of Inspire Peterborough but they will be working with the Armed Forces Partnership Board to deliver sport and fitness sessions to Armed Forces veterans and their families.

If you would like more information on the new activities, contact Tom:

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