Introduction of Private Members Bill on the Governance of Sport

Today in the House of Lords, Lord Moynihan will be introducing a Private Members Bill on the Governance of Sport. It is hoped that this Bill will stimulate discussion vital to the development of sport in the UK. Specifically, the Governance of Sport Bill provides the necessary framework within which governing bodies of sport will be held accountable for spending public and lottery money. It places new and necessary responsibility on Government to act in the interests of sportsmen and women and supporters and will enable sport to create a platform from which to capitalise on the success of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2012. Item 29 of the Bill focuses specifically on Disability Access and obliges the Secretary of State to make provisions for the access of disabled athletes and spectators to sport venues and sporting events as further specified in “Accessibility Guide – An Inclusive Approach to the Olympic & Paralympic Games”, issued by the International Paralympic Committee in June 2013.

To view the Bill itself, click here. For a definition of Private Members Bills, click here.

Joyce Cook OBE, Chair of Level Playing Field has commented, “Level Playing Field welcomes Lord Moynihan’s new Bill and especially its provisions relating to disability access for disabled spectators.”

“We note with great interest the requirements in Section 6 ‘Disability Access’ in relation to the International Paralympic Committee Standards 2013. These standards are more in keeping with the demographics of the disabled population than those adopted by Accessible Stadia and we look forward to hearing the parliamentary debates that will inevitably follow.” “It is critical that we build on the legacy of London 2012 and the positive experiences enjoyed by both disabled and non-disabled spectators. Disabled fans got a taste of just what is possible during the Olympics and Paralympics and our message is clear. We call on the sports governing bodies and Government to come together to finally ensure equal access and true inclusion for all sports loving fans – disabled fans have waited for 20 years for this to happen. There is no better time than now!”

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