Maya’s Wheelchair Racing Experience

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Nene Valley Harriers have recently began Wheelchair racing classes as a great way to get involved with fitness and have fun! Suitable for individuals with different leg impairments and fitness levels, this is a great opportunity for individuals to meet new people, gain confidence and step out of their comfort zone.

Last Wednesday Five-year-old Maya born with Spina Bifida, a fault in the development of the spine and surrounding vertebrae, tried Wheelchair racing for the first time.

Maya and her Mum came to the Wheelchair racing free taster session at Peterborough Athletic Tack where they begin their session with Ian Nolan.

Here is what Mum, Fay Louise Ratcliffe had to say about her experience:

“Wheelchair racing at Peterborough athletic track (by the regional pool) with Nene Valley Harriers. Wednesday 6-7pm. 3 taster sessions for free – starting last night. Cycle club also there at same time. Will be £2 a session thereafter. No experience needed. Equipment provided. All you need is a bike helmet. No expectation. No judgement. Just for fun or heading straight to the top. Come and have a go!

Well the pics say it all. Maya just 5yrs old. Complex physical and health needs was given the opportunity and my God she ‘rolled’ with it!!!  we haven’t seen her smile and be so passionate about anything!! (well except Disney… Those who know her know just how much she loves Disney!!! ) she has talked non stop (even in her sleep) about it. Ian who runs the sessions is fab and a great coach. Very patient and understanding. Spoke at her level. He in 30mins has taught her a completely new skill and she remembers ever single bit of the instruction. (something she struggles daily with at school) and has lit a fire in belly I have never seen before!
Please please share. We know it’s quite a niche area so it’s hard getting the word out. Let people know these sessions are available. Let schools know. Let friends know. Please help us reach those people who would love this opportunity. If you are sat on the fence give Ian a call and Come and join in. Maya needs some racing buddies”

At Inspire Peterborough we love to hear how inclusive activities can help encourage fitness, sports and fun in people of all ages and abilities!

If you would like to take part in Wheelchair Racing, visit the Nene Valley Harriers page for more details. Alternatively, contact to arrange a session.

Do you have a story about taking part in an inclusive activity that you would like to share with us?Email today!


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