Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Society

Rebound Therapy

Rebound therapy is a rehabilitation service provided here for our residential care clients, who have severe or complex epilepsy and associated learning or physical disabilities. It’s a form of physiotherapy involving the use of a trampoline and has become incredibly popular with our residents. Participants gain tremendous benefits from taking part in the one-to-one sessions, helping them to overcome difficulties relating to physical health, communication, self-esteem and confidence and helping them have fun.

A hoist is used to raise the resident onto the trampoline and cushions can be used to support them during the session.

Rebound therapy allows people struggling with epilepsy to bounce, stretch, and increase mobility. It allows them to engage in physical activity which can boost their confidence and motivation. The physical nature of the therapy can provide a relief of tension and provides the opportunity to have a sense of choice and control in the sessions when there appears to be very little choice and control in their lives. Rebound therapy also helps families to feel positive about the lives of their disabled family members.

We are able to offer this form of therapy thanks to your kind donations.

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