Express Yourself Inclusive Dance

Express Yourself Inclusive Dance

I am Inclusive Dance Practitioner working in the Peterborough area. My work is centred on the community and working with people that have limited access to the arts. I work in primary and secondary schools and in community settings. The classes are based around creativity and giving participants the chance to make their own work and experiment with their own ideas. All the classes hold a theme and I guide the participants through creative tasks which allow them to explore the theme.

Key Benefits

I have seen confidence grow in all the participants that I have worked with in the past. This includes their confidence outside of the classes as well. Creative skills and leadership skills have been improved and again this can be seen in the class and outside of the classes.

Level of Expertise

Anyone can be part of the class, whether they are new starters or already have past experience.


I am based in Peterborough and hold classes for specific groups, or I can come to your primary or secondary school


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