Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey Face Off Match

Irwin Mitchell Support Para Ice Hockey Champions For Second Year Running
Peterborough Phantoms Host Pre-Season Fun Day To Raise Awareness Of Disability Sport

They’re the reigning champions of the sport that’s accessible to all – and this year the Peterborough Phantoms want to raise the profile of para ice hockey higher than ever.

The Phantoms, winners of the 2016 British Sledge Hockey Association league, are holding a fun day to showcase their skills on the ice – where they will face off against a team from supporters Irwin Mitchell.

The national law firm are lending their support to the sports team for the second year in a row, and lawyers and staff from the firm will take part in a knockout tournament at the pre-season event, on Friday 24 March at Peterborough’s Planet Ice Arena.

Irwin Mitchell’s sponsorship has helped the Phantoms continue their work in raising the profile of para ice hockey, and provided new equipment for their ever-growing team.

Para ice hockey, also called sledge hockey, is known as an all-inclusive sport because it can be played by both disabled and able-bodied competitors. The game originated in Sweden in the early 1960s, and follows the same rules as ice hockey, with a few small differences.

In para ice hockey, players skate across the ice in a specially-designed sledge which allows the puck to pass safely beneath. They also use two sticks, which have a blade end for hitting the puck and a spike end for pushing themselves along.

The Peterborough Phantoms are the dominant force in UK para ice hockey. The club was established in 2011 by Inspire Peterborough, who work to promote disability sport and leisure activities in the region. The club has won four consecutive league titles, including last year’s thrilling victory against the Cardiff Huskies.

Irwin Mitchell’s support for the Peterborough Phantoms is part of the law firm’s ‘Don’t Quit, Do It’ campaign, which promotes the benefits of sport in helping people recover from serious injuries. There are 9.4m people with disabilities in the UK, but only one in six plays sport regularly.

Neil Whiteley, serious injury expert and regional managing partner for Irwin Mitchell in Cambridge, said:

“We loved watching the Peterborough Phantoms lift the league trophy for a fourth consecutive time at the end of last season. Their success is testament to their hard work and passion, and we’re honoured to be associated with such a fantastic team.

“Through our work with clients affected by serious injury and disability, we’ve seen how disability sport can aid rehabilitation and help people turn their lives around. With our ‘Don’t Quit, Do It’ campaign, we want to encourage more people to get involved and enjoy disability sport together.

“Para ice hockey is a fast-paced, exciting game open to disabled and able-bodied players alike. The Phantoms are the perfect ambassadors for their sport – let’s hope they’re crowned champions again this year!”

Visit the Inspire Peterborough website for more information about their work in promoting all-inclusive sport. Read more about Irwin Mitchell’s ‘Don’t Quit, Do It’ campaign here.


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