Tesco Select Inspire for Their Bags of Help Grant

Inspire Peterborough have been chosen as one of the charities customers can vote for using their blue tokens at Tesco!

If you are unfamiliar with the concept – once a customer makes a purchase in store, cashiers usually hand over to them a small blue token that they can then slot into one of three different pots, all representing different local charities and good causes.

The winner (who accumulates the most tokens) receives a subsational grant from Tesco in hope to build a better community!

Voting will take place from Saturday 1st September to Wednesday 31st October 2018, and we’re hoping we can count on you! This is a fantastic scheme which gives community projects like ours grants of up to £4,000 – all raised from just the sale of carrier bags in Tesco stores. We know that money will be put to phenomenal use and be a massive benefit to our cause.

Please support us in your local store – because every little helps.

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