Wheelchair Racing Beginning at NVH Special Needs Club

Hariers Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is a great way to get involved with fitness and have fun at the same time, come along to our evening class on Wednesday at the Embankment athletics track, Bishop Road, Peterborough from 5.45pm until 7.00pm.

Anyone is free to take part whether it’s for fun, fitness or to challenge you.Wheelchair racing is suitable for individuals with different impairments whether it’s a disability affecting both the legs, paralysis, amputation, impaired coordination/muscle tone or leg length difference. Everyone is different and wheelchair racing is absolutely suitable for anyone to join and learn something new regardless of your fitness levels, the group is friendly and welcoming to all participants. Wheelchair racing is a great way to meet new people, gain confidence and step out of your comfort zone.

When taking part, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and what does not restrict too much movement, especially in the shoulders.  For example, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt or long sleeve top and leggings or tracksuit bottoms. It may be ideal to wear plenty of thin layers on top so it can be easily removable when you warm up throughout the session. Gloves and helmets can be borrowed from the club.

The Special Needs Club are offering free taster sessions three weeks after the start date on 17th May. After this, the cost per coaching session is £2 for 30-45 minutes. Chairs, helmets and gloves can be provided by the club for the training sessions. All money will go towards purchasing the club its own racing chairs.

The taster sessions usually last between 30-45 minutes teaching the basics of using a racing wheelchair. You can entirely work at your own pace so do not feel pressured to push yourself more than you can.

If you feel like you may need any additional support, please do not hesitate in touch, we are more than happy to support and assist in all areas.

To arrange a taster session, please email:

For more information, please visit:

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